JON SEXTON, Creator of B12

Elite trainer and nutritional coach Jon Sexton has more than 20 years experience in the industry and his roster of clients includes all-pro NFL athletes and major celebrities.

His success in enhancing lives and creating lifelong changes for his clients has propelled Jon from his position as a trainer in a health club to his current role as Co-Founder of Nashville's multi award winning BOOST FitClub, an 85,000 square foot performance/wellness center.

Jon's core philosophies of "Last Point of Success" and "Muscle Isolation" have revolutionized the way strength training is taught. He puts these proven techniques to work for you with B12.

His method of "Muscle Isolation" dismisses the idea that you need heavy weights to enhance your results. Instead, following Jon's method, you will use the appropriate amount of weight to exhaust your muscles to their "Last Point of Success", preventing injury and allowing you to work more effectively. The "Last Point of Success" is defined as your ability to execute the first and last repetition of any exercise with the same proper form from beginning to end.

Jon is also the co-creator of B12's online assessment, The Solution. The Solution. is designed to eliminate the guesswork for nutrition, hydration, and cardio. By gathering specifics about YOUR metabolism (how many calories you burn daily), The Solution. will provide YOU with personalized recommendations to help you achieve success.