Q: What is B12 and how will it benefit me?

A: B12 is the most dynamic workout system ever designed. This 12-week fitness and nutrition program introduces Muscle Isolation and Last Point of Success. These techniques and strategies give you all the tools you need for life long success. Follow B12 on your mobile device at ANY GYM. ANYWHERE. With B12 comes The Solution., B12's online assessment that gathers your specifics and establishes YOUR metabolism. The Solution. provides you with a 3-day menu specific to your calorie needs, a B12 approved grocery list and other educational handouts.

Q: How is B12 different from other fitness programs out there?

A: While other fitness programs focus on home workouts, B12's innovative workouts use conventional gym equipment and introduce a WHOLE NEW approach, bringing FUN back into gym workouts and the simple science of your nutritional needs. You can use B12 at ANY GYM. ANYWHERE. Jon Sexton has revolutionized the way strength training is taught. His method of "Muscle Isolation" dismisses the idea that heavy weights enhance your results. Instead, following his method, you will use the appropriate amount of weight to exhaust your muscles to their "Last Point of Success", preventing injury and allowing you to work more effectively. "Last Point of Success" is defined as the first and last rep looking exactly the same.

Q: How do I use B12?

A: It's simple. Go to the app store and search B12 Workout. Download the app and get "The 9 Essentials" for free. In "The 9 Essentials", Jon Sexton will take you through 9 movements that are the foundation to his methods for strength training. Follow this routine at your gym. Once you feel comfortable with the movements demonstrated, head to your gym with your mobile device, headphones and a great attitude to start on your TOTAL BODY SHOT of B12. To access The Solution., go login at . There you will get all the tools you need for your nutrition, hydration and cardio strategies. Head to your gym with your mobile device, headphones and a great attitude to start on your TOTAL BODY SHOT of B12.

Q: I have been working out for years. Why do I need to watch "The 9 Essentials"?

A: "The 9 Essentials" is the foundation to B12. Although you may be familiar with most of these exercises, Jon's teachings of body mechanics really breaks down the movements and removes the idea of just pushing and pulling weights and changes the focus to Muscle Isolation.

Q: I am new to strength training. Is B12 right for me?

A: Yes! B12 is adaptable for all fitness levels and provides you with movements for both advanced users and beginners. Once you feel comfortable with "The 9 Essentials", you will be ready for your TOTAL BODY SHOT of B12!

Q: What devices are compatible with the B12 app?

A: Apple and Android

Q: Why does each workout expire? What if I want to repeat B12?

A: B12 understands the power of accountability and commitment. With B12, you commit yourself for 12 weeks of hard work. There are many benefits to working with a fitness coach such as motivation, understanding proper body mechanics, program design and accountability. B12 knows that life can get in the way and is your source of accountability for the next 12 weeks. For this reason, if you are using an android device, we added an extra viewing to each workout. If you are using and Apple device, you are given 18 weeks to complete B12's 12 week program. When you decide to repeat your TOTAL BODY SHOT of B12, registered users will have special pricing of half off (for Android users only)! Just leave the app on your phone and repurchase when ready.

Q: How long is B12 and how often do I do it?

A: B12 is a 12 week program that is designed for 3 days/week strength training and 3 days/week cardio. We recommend 24 hours in between strength training workouts. For example: strength train on Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

Q: My gym's equipment is really spread out. How can I keep up with B12?

A: B12 is designed for continuous movement. If you find yourself having to move back and forth between exercises, you can use the pause button in the app. For a more effective workout we recommend you pre-plan your set up. To help with this, we provide an equipment list before every workout. Don't forget to print out your workouts we email you!

Q: What if my gym doesn't have the same equipment?

A: B12 uses conventional commercial exercise equipment that most gyms provide. However, if necessary, you can use a variation of the equipment used in B12. For example, if B12 is using a Leg Press machine, you can modify the movement with a variation of a squat. If your gym does not have the cardio equipment necessary for a particular Cardio Boost, you can modify by using your favorite available cardio machine.